Pengujian Daya Dekomposisi Beberapa Isolat Mikrofungi Tanah dari Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Natar, Lampung Selatan

Bambang Irawan, Reita Wigianti


The fungal decomposing ability of several isolates toward stem and leaves of palm oil
tree had been investigated recently. Soil microfungi are group of organisms which are
responsible for decomposition process on certain soil habitats. With understanding that
every single habitat has a unique fungal population, so this research was focused on soil
fungal of palm oil tree habitat. The aims of the research were to understand the soil
fungal decomposing ability of several dominant isolates and to do an assessment of
every isolate property of its decomposition rate. The study was done by using pure
culture test on stem and leaves in laboratory. The result showed that there were five
species of study which were Mucor racemosus, Trichoderma sp, Gliocladium sp,
Botrysphaera rhodina, and Penicillium sp. From those five species indicated that
Penicillium sp has the best ability in decomposing stem with loss weight of 1. 39 % per
day and Trichoderma sp has the best ability in decomposing leaves with loss weight of
0.54 % per day.
Keywords: decomposing ability, microfungi, fungal populations

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