Rietje J.M Bokau, Wamiliana Wamiliana, Sutikno Sutikno


Feedmill has become very important in the intensive fisheries production due to high demand which can be up to 60-70% of the production cost and also the problem with raw materials. The fish flour as the main material of protein sources need to be anticipated for its replacement with other commodities. There are some materials which can be used as shrimp feedmill flour, so that there will be a various composition which can be developed to a standard shrimp feedmill. However, the optimal formulation of the feedmill causes some problems as the usage of materials which a variety of nutrition composition. In this paper will be discussed an optimization model for shrimp feedmill which can be developed based on the available material sources and the standard of the feedmill required. To solve problem arising from this model, a linear program has been used. The problem functions were the feedmill quality (based on the SNI standard of 02-2724-2002), the materials proportion and the demand of shrimp feedmill itself.


Keywords: shrimp feedmill, model, linear program

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