H. T. Ariful Amri


Water is one of the natural resources which are vital for lifes. Siak river water flow region as the asset of development in Riau Province has to be correctly maintained for long-term development. This is due to the vital role of Siak water flow region to supply the human lives demand such as clean water source, transportation, industrial need, public shower place, port, as well for plantations and fisheries. The initial step to decide the policy in the conservation of integrated land and water resources along Siak water flow region required a good masterplan arrangement by looking at the various activity.  Based on the research by Pusat Kajian Rona Lingkungan dan Sumber Daya Alam FMIPA Universitas Riau in the last 10 years by comparing and checking the parameters of depth, pH, TSS (Total Suspended Solid), TDS (Total Dissolved Solid), DO (Dissolved Oxygen), BOD (Biologycal Oxygen Demand) dan COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) indicated that the quality of Siak River has been heavily polluted. To increase the environment quality along Siak River is required the policy by looking at some importances by involving some stakeholder with a concept ”One River One Management ”.


Keywords: Pollution, conservation, DAS Siak

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