Suharto Suharto, Herri Susanto, Putut Irwan Pudjiono


The requirement of furfural as solvent in extraction of purification of lubricating oil in Kilang Pertamina and others furfural requirement in Indonesia still be imported. Though many agricultural wastes containing pentosan as furfural source is available in our state, for example : corn cobs ( 30 %) and bagasse ( 25%) and agriculture solid waste generally. The agricultural wastes hydrolysis with low concentration-acid catalyst yields furfural crude with maximum purity 94 % ( mass). Pure furfural required by minimum 98,5 % ( mass). To get level of purity required done with purification process by using vacuum distillation. Crude furfural is feed into column vacuum distillation In the early process is obtained  water and some light phases, formed 2 phase. Longer distillate 1 phase in the form of furfural with level of high purety. In this research, pure furfural is obtained with distillation yields 75,9 % from crude furfural.


Keywords: crude furfural ; vacuum distillation ; pure furfural

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