Karakteristik Gelombang Elektromagnet Harmonik Kedua Terpolarisasi-P di Bidang Batas Bahan Antiferomagnet FeF2 dalam Konfigurasi Faraday

Roniyus MS, Muslim Muslim, Kamsul Abraha


A theoretical study of characteristics of p-polarized second harmonic frequency
generation at the boundary of antiferromagnetic material FeF2 in Faraday’s configuration
has been carried out. The reflection and transmission of Second Harmonic
Electromagnetic (SHEM) wave at the boundary is strongly influenced by reflection and
transmission of first harmonic electromagnetic wave generated by the p-polarized
incoming wave. The ratio of the reflected and transmitted of the SHEM wave is much
smaller than those of the first harmonics. From the theoretical analysis it is found that
the ratio (2)
R and (2)
T (where R(2) , (2)
1 T and (2)
2 T are respectively the reflectance of
SHEM wave, first and second wave transmittance of SHEM wave, successfully have
nonreciprocal behavior when the sign of f (angle of incidence wave) or the sign of 0 H
(magnetic field applied) were changing.
Keywords: magnetic material, second orde nonlinear, optics.

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