Erfan Handoko, Azwar Manaf


The preparation of alloy of Sm-Co magnetic has successfully been prepared by arc melting furnace as based of permanent magnet material. The production used was a host casting process in the form of cylinder with diameter of 5 mm and plat with dimension of 5 x 2 mm. The result after the casting process showed the Sm-Co alloy was silvery and s table against oxidation. The phase study of the alloy and microstructure formed was studied by XRD and SEM. The result of qualitative analysis of XRD study for the two ingot showed  that Sm-Co alloy has two phase, which were Sm2Co17 and fasa SmCo5. The SEM   micrograph has been done to the casting of Sm-Co alloy with some cross sections. The micrograph photo showed clearly the form and the size of the crystal formed. The preparation of ingot Sm-Co alloy magentic by arc melting process can be a choice in the production of ingot magnetic alloy which susceptible to oxidation and become a first step in the synthesis of sinter permanent Sm-Co magnet.


Keywords: Sm-Co, arc melting furnace, Fasa Sm2Co17 dan SmCo5 , magnet sinter permanent

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