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Preparation, characterization of CoO-MoO/ZnO-ZAA catalyst and its catalytic activity test for
conversion of isoamyl alcohol by steam reforming method was investigated. Natural zeolite was activated by
HCl 3 N solution. Preparation of CoO-MoO/ZnO-ZAA catalyst was carried out by wet impregnation method
followed by calcination at 400 oC for 6 h in nitrogen gas stream. Weight rasio of ZnO:ZAA was 1:2 while the
Co and Mo content was 1 wt% toward the ZnO-ZAA initial weight. Acidity of catalysts were determined by
ammonia adsorption method. Surface area, total pore volume and pore size distribution were determined by
metode N2 adsorbtion method using gas Sorption Analizer Nova-1000 instrument. The activity test was
conducted in a semi flow reactor system using N2 as a carrier gas at flow rate 10 mL/min; for 30 min; reaction
temperature 500oC under feed/catalyst weight ratio 1/10. The liquid residue was analyzed by gas
chromatography (GC). Oxidation of the used catalyst was conducted at 500 oC for 1 h to determine the
amount of coke. Gas product (wt%) was calculated by substraction of the initial weight of isoamyl alcohol
toward coke products and liquid residue.
Activation of natural zeolite caused dealumination and the zeolite acidity increased. Impregnation of
ZnO on to the ZAA sample increased acidity, surface area, and total pore volume of ZnO, while impregnation
of CoO and or MoO on ZnO-ZAA support caused catalyst acidity and average pore radius increase. The
surface area and total pore volume increased by loading of Co, but slightly decreased after loading of CoO
and MoO. The catalyst activity test results showed that in general the conversion of gas product increased,
and coke formation decreased with the increase of catalyst acidity and average pore radius. The activity test
results of isoamyl alcohol steam reforming using CoO-MoO/ZnO-ZAA, CoO/ZnO-ZAA, ZnO-ZAA catalyst
produced gas fraction 31.17, 21.13 and 19.97%, respectively. The amount of coke in each catalyst was 0.32,
0.53 and 0.71wt.%, respectively.
Keywords: steam reforming, CoO-MoO/ZnO-ZAA catalyst, isoamyl alcohol

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