Keanekaragaman dan Pola Penyebaran Genus Cacing Laut Polychaeta di Pantai Timur, Lampung Selatan

Sri Murwani, Junardi Junardi


The coastal use causes the change of water quality.  As a result it affects the change of its biological composition, such as sea worm from the genus of Polychaete.  Sea worm is very sensitive against the change of water quality and its substrates, so that its’ diversity indices and radiation patterns can be used as an indicator of environmental quality.  The research done in year 2000 was conducted in four coastal village situated in eastern coastal of South Lampung in which three sampling stations chosen based on the GPS Garmin II+.    The results show that in all stations the diversity indices (of Shannon-Wiener) of the sea worm are quite high (H’ > 2.5) and most of the radiation patterns are clustered (Id > 1).


Keywords: Polychaete, diversity indices, radiation patterns

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