Peningkatan Sensitivitas Analisis N-Metilkarbamat secara HPLC dengan Derivatisasi Pasca Kolom Menggunakan O-Pthaldialdehida (OPA)

Any Guntarti, Noegrohati Noegrohati, Izul Fallah


Carbamate is one of the pesticide groups widely used in Indonesia. Due to its relative persistence in soil, carbamate residues occur in the environment, so that any sensitive and specific analytical method should be developed. This work is aimed to evaluate the separation and detection of several carbamates (propoxur, carbaryl, BPMC). The separation was carried out in HPLC and the detection was done by UV detector (HPLC-UV) and by fluoresence detector after on line post column derivation (HPLC-fluoresence). The two methods were evaluated to obtain the best analytical method. The results showed that sensitivity was much higher in the fluoresence detection. The HPLC-UV for propoxur showed the slope of 3.29;  carbaryl of 4.59 and BPMC of 0.82; while the HPLC-fluoresence for propoxur has a slope of 6.11x103, carbaryl of 2.69x103 and BPMC of 0.97x103. The HPLC-UV for propoxur showed a LOD of 44.56 ng; carbaryl of 11.56 ng and BPMC of 4653 ng; while the HPLC-fluoresence for propoxur showed a LOD of 0.59 ng, carbaryl of 1.71 ng  and BPMC of 2.24 ng. The separation kinetic of HPLC-UV and HPLC-fluoresence is not significantly different. The HPLC-UV value k’ : 6.47- 17.14; Rs : 24.32-66.11; HETP : (1.59-4.89) mm; and a : 1.39-1.72; while the HPLC-fluoresence value k’ : 7.86-18.76; Rs : 17.84-4.50; HETP : (1.58-4.50) mm;  and a : 1.39-1.72.


Keywords: carbamates, HPLC, post column derivation

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