Pengaruh Suhu Sintering Terhadap Tingkat Kemurnian Fase Superkonduktor BPSCCO-2223 pada Kadar Ca 2,10 Menggunakan Metode Pencampuran Basah

Rizki Putri Surahman, Suprihatin Suprihatin, Agus Riyanto


Sintering temperature has an effecton the purity level BPSCCO-2223 superconductor phase. This study has been conducted using the wet-mixing method with the materials used are Bi2O3, PbO, SrCO3, CaCO3, CuO, NHO3 and aquades. Synthesis carried out by slowly dissolving HNO3 and aquades then gradually for 40 hours dried out at a temperature of 300, 400, 600 °C. The sample was analysed with calcination for 10 hours at 800 °C and sintering for 20 hours using variations of temperature on each 850, 855, 860, and 865 °C. The XRD results show that phase purity which increases with increasing sintering temperature. The relative high volume fraction of the BPSCCO-2223-865 sample is 87,20% while, the lowest volume fraction of BPSCCO-2223-850 is 58,25%. The relative high orientation degree of BPSCCO-2223-855 is 27,64% and the lowest orientation degree of BPSCCO-2223-860 is 21,16%. The SEM result shows that all samples have layers arranged (oriented) by empty spaces between relatively small plaque (void).


Superconductor, BPSCCO-22223, sintering, volume fraction, and degree of orientation.

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