Pengaruh Variasi NaOH terhadap Karakteristik Nanosilika Berbasis Batu Apung

Nurqori Setiawati, Posman Manurung, Simon Sembiring


Nanoparticle of silica from pumice rockhas been synthesizedby using extracted method of NaOH with varying of 2,5 Mand 3,5 M.The pumice was extracted using NaOH, silica titration usingH2SO4 and purification of silica using HCl. The solution was calcination at 700°C for 2 hours. The XRD result showed that diffraction pattern of amorphous silica. The EDS result confirmed the purity of silica for NaOH 3,5 M were 75,84%. Particle size from TEM result is(11,32 ± 0,922) nm for NaOH 3,5 M. The surface area for NaOH of 2,5 M and 3,5 M are 178,7 m2/g and186,2m2/g respectively.


pumice, nanosilica, NaOH and surface area

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