Investigasi Geologi dan Geolistrik Untuk Menafsirkan Keberadaan Air Tanah Dangkal Di Ambarawa, Lampung

Rustadi Rustadi, Gurum Ahmad Pauzi, Opik Taufik


East  Ambarawa  has  a  large  agricultural  land  prosfek  for  rice  cultivation.  Limitations  of irrigation facilities, caused land fields are only productive in the rainy season. Utilization of ground water to be an alternative to supporting water supply. For this purpose, a geoelectric survey has  been conducted to   map   the   presence   of   shallow   groundwater   in   three lines   with   random  positions  using  Pole-pole configurations.  Through  the  use  of  40  electrodes  with  a  total   length  of  200  m,  geoelectric image  is obtained  to  a  depth  of  70  m.  The  presence  of  ground  water  is interpreted  to  be  in sedimentary layers, at depths  of  12   -  50.  Underlying  sediment  layers  are  composed  of   igneous  rocks  that  correlate with the formed Kerawang hill.


East Ambarawa , ground water, geoelectric

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