Analisis Kecelakaan Reaktor Transient Over Power (TOP) Reaktor SCWR (Supercritical Cooled Water Reactor)

Abdullah Haris, Yanti Yulianti, Syafriadi Syafriadi


Research about TOP reactor accident analysis for SCWR reactor used thorium fuel has been done. The objective of this research is to solve point reactor kinetic equation by Taylor method and to analyze TOP reactor accident. Point reactor kinetic equation has first order differential equation to calculate relative power behavior due to reactivy which can be solved with MATLAB program. Initial reactivity used three variation these are 0,0025; 0,00315; and 0,005. The analysis results showed exponential pattern for reactivity without feedback had obtained power density was 5314,72 Watt/cm3 ­and fuel temperature was 13717,5 K at t = 1 s.  While on reactivity used feedback has given stable conditions had obtained power density was 204,765 Watt/cm3 and fuel temperature was 636,1 K at t = 1 s.


Point reactor kinetics, nuclear accident, SCWR, and MATLAB

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