Studi Luas Permukaan Spesifik Zeolit Akibat Pengaruh Mikrostruktur dan Potensinya Sebagai Elektrode Superkapasitor

Jennifer Kapriati Pakpahan, Pulung Karo Karo, Bambang Joko Suroto


The synthesis of zeolite based rice husk silica by using sol-gel method with heat treatment 450 oC, 550 oC, dan 650 oC has been investigated. This research was conducted to study the effect of particle size and pore size to specific surface area of zeolit. The characteristics of samplewere observed byX-Ray Difraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and specific surface area with Branauer Emmet Teller (BET). The research result showed that the structure was amorf with cristobalite, corundum, and delta-Al2O3 phase. The heat treatment of 450 °C showed the smallest particle size amounted to 16,322 μm and the largest pore size amounted to 5,786 μm with the highest specific surface area amounted to 216,250 m2/g, so it is potential to be used as a supercapacitor electrode.


Heat treatment, microstructure, spesific surface area, zeolite

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