DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIA TOFU LIQUID WASTE AND ONGGOK FOR LACTIC ACID PRODUCTION BY STREPTOCOCCUS BOVIS (Pengembangan Media Limbah Cair Tahu Dan Onggok Untuk Produksi Asam Laktat Oleh Streptococcus Bovis)

Suripto Dwi Yuwono, Dian Herasari, Mulyono Mulyono, Sony Widiarto, Takao Kokugan


To develop a cost-effective fermentation medium, tofu liquid waste (TLW) was evaluation for lactic acid production by Streptococcus bovis in onggok-containing media. Onggok consumption and lactic acid generation were followed using a variety of media made different nutrient supplementation. Lactic acid production obtained in Trypto Soya Broth (medium 1) was two times higher than in Tofu Liquid Waste (medium 3). The addition of Concentrate Maguro Waste (CMW) as supplementation source the experimental results showed a situation similar to the one observed for medium 1.

Keywords. Tofu Waste Liquid, Onggok, Lactic acid, Streptococcus bovis

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