Karakteristik Pohon Yang Digunakan Dalam Aktivitas Harian Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus syndactylus Rafles, 1821) di Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan (TNBBS) Lampung

Jani Master, M. Kanedi Kanedi, Sugeng P. Harianto, Maya D. Prasetyaningrum, Anton Nurcahyo


We do the research to the trees used by Sympalangus syndactylus in Way Canguk research area, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, for about six months. The result of observation showed he differences of character from the trees used by Sympalangus syndactylus, trees used for sleeping, calling, and counter call are about 39 meters tall on the average, the trees that are used to move are 25 meters tall and the trees that are used to eat have no special character. Besides, the variety of the trees do not become the main priority, except those which are used as food resource.

Keywords: Siamang, Aktivitas Harian, Karakteristik Pohon, Habitat

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